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11 February 2004 @ 10:32 pm
okay, i really didn't want to post this in my regular journal because i didn't want people to know how stoopid i am... it's okay for you guys to know because you're just as stoopid. :)

ok, so i'm in physics daydreaming my a- off and we're doing this taks thing in our books about acids and bases. they have the pH scale thingy drawn in, (you know the one with the strongest acid at number 1 the weakest one at 6.999999algo, 7 is water (neutral), and then the weakest base at 1 and the strongest at 14??)yeah well the strongest acid listed was battery acid and the strongest base was drain cleaner. you know how they say that a base will cancel out an acid? well, i started to think: what if a plumber got drain cleaner on hand? (btw, in my imagination he was even actually showing his crack and everything) could he pour battery acid on the drain cleaner to cancel out the burns from the base???

in my daydream, the drain cleaner tipped over on the plumbers hand and hes screaming in agony from the horrendous burning so he pulls out his emergency pack of battery acid and pours it over his hand... and his hand melted away to a stump and he fainted. thats when i snapped out of it and i kinda snorted/laughed outloud REALLY loud. only we were suposed to be reading so it was really quiet so everyone jumped and looked at me like had a booger growing out of forehead or something... yeah.. 'tis all. at least now i know i'll never make it as a plumber...
08 February 2004 @ 05:54 pm
Okay, WWYDIYW black?
26 January 2004 @ 07:47 pm
WWYDIYW rollin' down the street sippin' on gin and juice and a gay cop pulled you over for speeding and the only way you could get out of the $1,528.00 ticket(You were goin' pretty is to sleep with him and give him a 10 minute lap dance?

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25 January 2004 @ 09:08 pm
Aight, s'my turn. He' go:

WWYDIYW drunk and had diarrhea on your wedding night - your wedding to your dog - and your mother (or father if you're a girl) (who obviously is against the marriage but wants you to be happy) offers you oral sex to take your mind off things?

Post your answers in the comment page!

Don't Fear JJ.
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25 January 2004 @ 04:05 pm
It's time for the LOESA Trivia Game! :APPLAUSE: I'm your host, Master X. Before we begin our show, I'm gonna give the Riddle Of The Day, or the ROD:

The "X" in "Master X" stands for nothing but means something. What is the "X" in "Master X"?

The contestant who can figure it out will win either what's behind door number "1" or behind the door that nobody chooses. :Oooohhh....: Let's meet our contestants. First, her name is JJ. Tell us about yourself.

(That's your cue to tell everyone about your self if you haven't noticed.)
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25 January 2004 @ 05:12 am
What would you do if you went outside one day and NO ONE was around? I mean, it was just you and only you, no other people, no matter how far you walked, there was nobody around in the entire city.
22 January 2004 @ 08:04 pm
Hello you lovely, lovely jackasses. I think this will ultimately end up being a friends only community, but we can add people by-and-by as we make more friends on LJ. This is just a place for fun and laughter-no mushy stuff. Save that for Oprah. Or for your own journal, rather.

We'll start off with a classic WWYDIYW. For those of you who don't know-and I think watashinokage is the only one who does know how- WWYDIYW stands for "What Would You Do If You Were".

Here's the situation:

What would you do if you were standing in the middle of a dead-end, one-way street in the middle of nowhere and a cactus slid over to you and offered you a drink?

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P.S. Leave your answers in the comment page!

Fear me.
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